In the beginning

Way back

Over two decades ago this website was the first commercial online e-commerce store in the Lake Tahoe area. 56K modems had taken the area by storm and I ran the online store on a Windows NT workstation I configured as a server using O'Reilly's WebSite Professional (later taken over by Deerfield), iHtml Merchant, and hooked up to the Internet using a blazing fast ISDN connection running at 128K!

The NT box was a blazer at the time, a Intel 586 running at 460Mhz. The entire system was rock solid and it still runs today, that is if I'd plug it back in and turn it on.

I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in Lake Tahoe

Web services

Gossamer has been designing websites that work since 1996. Our design style features are key to the user acceptance and the exceptional search engine rankings our sites receive. The result is that your new customers can find your website and will enjoy using it.

Within theses pages you find information on various topics you should become familiar with if you are to venture into the web. We offer a variety of services all targeted toward helping your small business grow. You can find a rather complete list of these services on Gossamer's online store.

In addition, this information may help you decide how to evaluate your future webmaster. We have included some basic marketing tips, how to use search engines to help you promote your website, information on our web hosting, programming services and E-Commerce solutions and a small sampling of some of our work.

Search Engine Primer
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Computer networking and repair

I learned the basics of computer repair back in the late 70's and early 80s while at Texas Instrument's Digital System Division as part of a engineering "Tiger Team" supporting the Systems Integration Center(SIC), and later on as a diagnostic software engineer. While those monstrous motherboards fit into but one of today's computer chips, the art of diagnosing and repairing a computer system remains the same. When it comes to fast, efficient computer repair experience does matter.

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mind's eye

The only constant in the universe, and in fact here in Lake Tahoe - is change. Internet technologies are bridging the changing landscape as can be seen by us all. This is how we are helping.

Intel Generation 10

Workstation upgrades

The latest upgrade offered up impressive performance. Intel's generation 10 chips are uncanny. And for a change, Windows 10 is a kick ass OS. Our hardware upgrades turn the most demanding tasks to child's play.

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Next generation server

Server upgrades

Our next generation server is here. Running on a Intel XEON processor using time tested Open Source FreeBSD Unix, ... every app has been upgraded! Apps have been throughly reviewed and a few key apps added. The end result is state of the art performance and functionality at Internet speeds with rock solid security.

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Remote network administration

Windows network administration

Keeping your windows computers up to date can seem dauntless. We can tame the beast and keep your systems up to date for the very best in reliable uptime and security.

server 2016

The last best Windows Server. The last step preparing for the cloud. Upgrading to Windows Server 2016 is a must play for any Windows Network. We include proven Intel XEON processors with proven business ready hardware. If you make it here, you will be ready for the future.

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Responsive Theme Design

html5 responsive web design

Web design over the years has become easier and harder. Google dominated search has dramatically changed search marketing strategies and support of the mobile market is now the primary requirement of all websites. You will need to build your website on a clean template fondation to cover all target media consumers.

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