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Search Engine Optimization Primer

Do you know the difference between having a great web site and having a great web site that works? Getting found is key. If your web site does not index well on the major search engines you could incur more expense advertising your web site than then you incur for designing your web site. Why throw away FREE advertising?

Getting found is crucial. Sticking to the BASICS is critical! A web site designed with the BASICS was key to surviving Google's famous first dance - the Florida Hurricane. Thousand's of web sites that relied on various "silver bullets" to get ranked highly, found the de-ranking or the de-listing of their web sites shocking. Today, Google dances almost every week.

Adherence to these simple rules will help you minimize the cost to promote your web site!

Be sure that your web designer is familiar with these basic fundamentals of web site design.

awe inspiring 12 Commandments

The 12 Commandments

We start with our awe inspiring 12 Commandments, something everyone should be familiar with. Here are the basic rules every web site owner should know. You will be surprised at how many web sites violate these fundamental rules.

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Discover secret doorway pages

Doorway Page Myths

In our Doorway Pages section, discover the secrets to those Pay-per-Click offers that wind up costing you thousands of dollars and claim to deliver your site with top search engine placements and traffic.

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gibberish makes any sense to me

Search Engine Page Factors

Of course none of this gibberish makes any sense to me. What are these search engine page factors anyway? Review this page to gain a basic understanding of what search engines are looking for when the index your web site.

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A word to the wise

Basic Web Design Mistakes

Not only is it important to obey the 12 Commandments, it is important not to make some basic mistakes. Review this page to learn of some basic things to avoid.

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Pay attention to on and off page issues

Web Pages Defined

Your pages defined. Publishing to the web differs from the printed art form. Learn the specifics of what areas of your web site's pages are important. So when someone tells you to optimize your "meta tags", you will know what one is.

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Just a few words

Hot Tips

Anyone got a hot tip? Here's 5 sure marketing tips for making the most out of your web site.

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More choices than ever

Choosing a Domain Name

I've got this great domain name for sale. What should you avoid in a domain name?

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Don't forget me


Perhaps one of the most overlooked files in your web site. What is it and why do you need one? And for the advanced student, the how's and whys of controlling your doorway pages.

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